TRANSFORM Beginner Photography Workshop May $149.00
Professional photographers Jennifer Kapala and Janet Pliszka invite you to an afternoon of inspiration and lightbulb moments.

Our three hours together will be the perfect mix of lecture, conversation, hands-on practice and feedback.

You will leave your Transform workshop with:

- an understanding of how and why to use manual exposure;
- knowledge of how to approach different lighting situations, and ;
- the skills to be able to take better pictures of your family

To support your continued development afterwards, we also include:

- an after class online forum
- take home assignments
- a learner’s manual

Here is some of the feedback from earlier workshops:

"Thank you for opening up my eyes to how to use the manual setting on my camera! I now feel empowered & a bit more confident to experiment and take GREAT photos vs. just OK photos. The mix of theory, examples, and practice really helped things stick in my memory too."

"I loved the workshop. I found the discussion about photography between the Janet and Jen so helpful, interesting and educational. I have already noticed a huge difference in my photography and my comfort with knowing how to achieve a good photo. I am starting to think about light differently and constantly looking at different vantage points to take a picture."

"The feedback on the homework assignments so far has been really encouraging and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughts and suggestions for improvement. I am having a lot of fun putting what you taught me into practice. "

May 7, 2017
1- 4pm
The Studio, SE Calgary
Seats available: 0
Seats available until: 5/5/2017
Total Price: $149.00
Registration Closed